How Cameron Crowe Used An Unusual Technique For The Dialogue In Almost Famous


As one may intuit, Crowe has a deep, abiding affection for pop music. This bears itself out on his movies’ oft-amazing soundtracks. Evidently on “Nearly Well-known,” Crowe would relay course to his actors within the type of his favourite songs. Fugit recollects that Crowe appeared to develop antsy at any time when a scene started to really feel too structured and would begin interrupting to retain a sure diploma of naturalness. Fugit stated: 

“Throughout scenes that had been actually rehearsed, I believe I might typically develop into too technically centered or too mechanically centered. So Cameron would simply begin taking part in songs in the course of the center of the take or he would begin saying issues to me whereas we had been in the course of the scene.”

Crowe additionally appeared to steadily brainstorm — and movie — what seems to have been an extended sequence of “mini scenes.” Fugit recollects that Crowe seemingly constructed a patchwork of quick, temporary moments between characters, after which would spring them on his actors. Fugit known as these scenes “capsules,” and it appears they served an important anti-rehearsal perform, maybe employed as a way to maintain Crowe’s forged improvisationally limber and conversational. As Fugit put it:

“He additionally favored to plan these little morsels or capsules of interactions. It might be like a set of dialogue interactions that lasted perhaps 5 to 10 seconds at most. These quick, candy interactions that he would have on standby. We had rehearsed them, however they did not have a selected time or place within the script. He did not have them written as a part of a scene. He would simply have them able to go at any time when he felt.”


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