KOM Attempt and Recumbent Cruise – BionicOldGuy


Yesterday I used to be feeling my oats so determined to do a shot at my first KOM try since turning 70. I attempted a brief steep climb on West Important on my lightweight Sirrus upright. It was very disagreeable, going that arduous uphill causes me to enter extreme oxygen debt, and as we speak it additionally prompted a brief unhealthy headache. I believe that’s as a result of my sinuses having been already congested on account of allergy season- the orchards are beginning to bloom in these components, which is gorgeous however sadly will also be allergy-inducing. So I made a decision to desert the try. Future KOM makes an attempt to be much less steep and longer. I like the sensation of a little bit of burn in my legs throughout laborious efforts, however most decidedly don’t just like the lung-searing feeling from steep climbs. Luckily, the headache cleared up once I switched again to cruise mode.

I then went residence and switched bikes to my recumbent, and went on a two-and-a-half-hour cruise to the Southeast alongside the foothills east of San Marin and Gilroy. I threw some intervals in on the best way again and felt effective afterward. I generally must catch myself and bear in mind my essential motivation in driving, apart from training for good well-being, is the nice “meditation-in-motion” feeling. Aggressive objectives like KOMs are OK for motivation, but not if it ruins the enjoyment of the trip.

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