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The passing of Congress’ $1.7 trillion omnibus package provided the funding required to prevent a partial government shutdown over the holidays. That bill was required to keep federal programs running for 2023, but some major changes were included in the final package to ensure it passed.

Chief amongst those changes was a provision that will allow states to remove millions of people off Medicaid from April 2023. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that roughly 20% of current recipients could lose Medicaid coverage.

Here’s who will be affected…

When does the minimum wage increase go into effect in more than 20 US states?


When does the minimum wage increase go into effect in more than 20 US states?

The New Year has got off to a positive start for workers in the 23 states that have announced increases to the minimum wage from 1 January 2023. While the federal minimum wage remains a paltry $7.25 per hour, most states have implemented their own regulations, often raising that figure considerably.

Increases in the minimum wage are considered vital in many areas due to the rampant inflation experienced during 2022.

Here are the states who will be offering their residents a minimum wage increase…

What do experts expect from inflation in 2023?

It was the defining economic trend of 2022, but after positive growth reports in recent months is inflation going to continue into the New Year? The Federal Reserve has been extremely proactive in bringing down the rate of price rises but it remains to be seen if that effort can be sustained in the year ahead.

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